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Dated: Apr 28, 2010

Until October 1st 2013, when health care institutions in the United States will have to transition to the new, greatly expanded ICD-10 diagnosis and procedures code classification system, the current ICD-9 classification coding system will continue to be used. Hospitals and clinics rely heavily on these codes to get reimbursed for services they provide.

To assist medical providers and coding specialists, we developed a free, online ICD-10 codes search resource. Dr Gily's ICD-9-Codes Search Tool provides a fast, accurate and user-friendly ICD-9-CM and ICD-9-PCS codes search platform. ICD-9 codes are found using a simple keyword / code number search or a more advanced natural language search, with results ordered by relevance. All searches use the popular Web 2.0 search auto-complete feature to eliminate unnecessary clicks and page reloads.

ICD-9-CM codes are used to classify and bill for diagnoses and reasons for visits in all health care settings in the United States. ICD-9-PCS codes are used for inpatient (hospital) procedures. Both code sets will stay in effect on October 1st 2013.

Icd9cm.drgily.com is a website developed by Dr Gily Ionescu, who is an Internal Medicine physician practicing in rural Washington.

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