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IMPORTANT: On this page, you can perform ICD9-CM single keyword and/or code number searches. If you would like to perform searches for multiple keywords (such as, for example "placenta previa"), please change the search type to phrase by clicking the link below:

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Note: ICD-9-CM database edition: October 1, 2011. These are codes to be used for 2011-2012.

What Are the Main Features of the Keyword ICD-9-CM Search Tool?

There are a few important things to keep in mind when using the keyword search tool above:
  • It is very fast. As you'll notice, results start displaying literally as you are typing your search entry. You don't have to finish typing your keyword before the search is executed. In fact, the ICD-9-CM codes database is queried with each new keystroke after you entered at least three characters. We think this is the most important advantage of the keyword search option.
  • It allows for search by code number. You just have to enter the code number and the diagnostic description corresponding to that code will be displayed. One nice feature about code search is that you can do partial code searches, too. For example, if you know the three-digit code for diabetes (250), but can't remember what the rest of the digits are for, say, ophthalmic complications, you can type "250." and you will presented with a list of conditions that share these first three digits. From the list, you will notice that the fourth digit for diabetes with ophthalmic manifestations is 5. Once you enter this fourth digit in the search field (i.e. "250.5), the list is further narrowed down to only four diagnoses. From this point on, you can easily identify the code you are looking for.
  • It is best used for one-word searches. You could enter more than one word in the search input field, but you will get results ONLY if you entered text in the exact order the ICD-9-CM lists the entity you are looking for. As an example, you will get a more accurate result if you entered "Diabetes mellitus without mention of complication", but you won't get any results if you typed "Diabetes without complication". If you are looking for a multi-keyword search tool, please try our natural language ICD-9-CM search tool.

What Are the Minuses of Keyword ICD-9-CM Search?

  • While fast, it is not the most accurate search. For some queries that are present in many rows in the CD-9-CM codes database (try "hypertension", for example), you will be presented with a larger number of results than you may expect. In such instances, what you gain in higher search speed, you lose, to some extent, in lesser accuracy. Don't worry, though! Just use our natural language ICD-9-CM search tool, and you can narrow down your search the way you like.

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